Cauli or Broccoli Mash

The most common request I get on instagram is for my cauli mash recipe, so sharing it with you here!

Cauli or Broccoli Mash

  • Wash cauliflower or broccoli and peel off tough stems if using broccoli
  • Chop into flowerettes
  • Steam 10 min, until soft.  I use this pan with steamer insert by All Clad. Make sure your veggies are up out of the water for best results and remove lid immediately after steaming to avoid soggy veggies.  Poke with a fork to make sure it is soft. (I keep a bamboo skewer by the stove that I use for this kind of “testing”).
  • Dump 1 to 2 T of coconut oil or duck fat into the bowl of your food processor, love my Cuisinart.
  • Drain veggies and dump into food processor.  I take out the pusher so steam can escape…again helds release moisture for better texture.
  • Process until smooth.  You may need to use to stop midway and use a fork to press down larger chunks…and then re-process until smooth. This can take a few minutes.
  • Serve with an ice cream scoop for a perfect portion size.
  • I store my leftovers in a tall 1.5 pint size mason jar and dig out a serving with my scoop!
  • Great as leftovers…if it lasts that long!

Variation:  Add 2 fingers length of the white part of a leek to the cauliflower when steaming for a cauli-leek mash version, which is yummy.  There are lots of flavor options…add in some rutabega, or carrot…get creative!

8 thoughts on “Cauli or Broccoli Mash

  1. Random instagram follower here, I’m so excited you’ve started your blog. 🙂 I really enjoy your food and presentation of them, and am inspired by all the veggies every day. Thanks for starting this!! Looking forward to lots of meal prep day details.


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