Sauna Space Near Infrared Sauna Review

Hello Sunshine indeed! My Sauna Space Near Infrared Incandescent Sauna.

WOW. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to write about my beloved Sauna Space near infrared sauna! I bought it on Black Friday in 2019 and it has become part of my “can’t live without” routine. As someone with several SNPs that limit my detoxification pathways, my body needs a little nudge to release toxins. Infrared sauna is a gentle but effective way to aid your detox pathways. Initially I was reluctant to give it a try as I have been historically very heat intolerant related to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, but the Sauna Space has 4 near infrared incandescent bulbs and you can turn them on individually which allows you to work your way up. Because near infrared penetrates deeply into the tissues it heats you up from the inside and I can sweat in there even under 100 degrees. These days I use all 4 bulbs. I usually preheat while I ride the peleton or use my vibration plate so the sauna is typically between 104 and 118 degrees by the time I use it. It did not take long to work my way up from 1 to all 4 bulbs. I am in there almost every day of the week for 20 minutes and I am dripping with sweat by the end of my session. I like to use the app “Repeat Timer” so it chimes every 2 minutes for me to rotate a 1/4 turn. That way no part of my body gets short changed during the session! I shower immediately after my sauna and give my skin a good scrub to remove any toxins I have purged so they don’t get reabsorbed.

We recently converted an unused bedroom in to a home gym and the sauna fits perfectly in that space along with my Peleton and my vibration plate.

Things I love about my Sauna Space…and there are so many!

  • Sauna Space used incandescent red near infrared light, NOT LED. That means no flickering blue light which can be stressful on the body. Sauna is all about relaxing and releasing toxins and stress.
  • You get the benefits of near infrared, plus full spectrum infrared sauna AND red light therapy. When I was first shopping I was torn between sauna and red light panel options, but this is both. Win win!
  • ZERO EMF stress. Faraday cages and an organic bamboo grounding mat eliminate any EMF emission from the device itself. They even offer a fully 5 G shielded “Faraday” enclosure….GOALS! It’s on my wishlist! I currently have the “Luminati” version.
  • The organic cotton enclosure cover is commercial laundromat machine washable, and we have washed it several times. As someone who is super careful about mold I was happy to not have a permanent wood cabinet enclosure which could get damp and musty over time.
  • The enclosure is easy to assemble and take apart to store or relocate. My Sauna Space lived temporarily in my garage, living room and dining room before finding its permanent home in my older college graduate son’s room which is now our home gym. I didn’t really have room for the sauna when I bought it, but we made it work because I felt sauna therapy was just that important. It certainly was a conversation starter when it lived in my dining room!
  • Organic toxin free materials with no off-gassing. Organic cotton fabric. Organic bamboo mat. Zero VOC untreated basswood frame and stool. Untreated stainless steel faraday guards for the bulbs. All the good stuff and none of the bad.
  • No tools or skills needed to set it up. My husband has put this up and taken it apart several times. It is well designed and well made. My husband says now that he knows how it goes together he could put it up in about 15 minutes, with the most time required for draping the organic cotton over the basswood frame.
  • 100 day free trial with free shipping both ways! This was HUGE for me when I was initially ordering as this makes trying this out totally risk free. If you don’t love it, it goes back with zero cost to you, but trust me…you WILL love it! I honestly can’t imagine not having it! It is such a part of my fitness and health routine.
  • 10 year warranty. That is legit. It is a hand crafted product made in America with high quality sustainable and durable materials. Our experience with customer service has been excellent.
  • Use my code Paleogirl99 to save 5%. Coupon codes stack on sale prices so you can save even more. Click here to check it out.
What it looks like out of the box when it arrives. Organic cotton enclosure materials. The long box contains the basswood frame. Ingenious design.
A peek inside with all 4 incandescent bulbs turned on. I always hydrate well when I am in there!
At one point when it didn’t have a permanent home we had to take it down temporarily. It’s compact design allows for easy storage.

If a full sauna is not in your budget…yet, check out their single light Photon. Affordable and portable. We have one as well and it is great for spot treatment My dog is intrigued by it. Guess he knows what is good for him!

The single bulb Photon.
My dog getting his red light therapy on!

Affiliate links:

I appreciate when you use affiliate links, which help support this blog. Most things I share about here I purchase myself, but I do occasionally receive sample items from vendors to be able to test out new things. I also have affiliate accounts with a few brands that I truly believe in. Rest assured I will not share about anything I don’t use myself and totally love!

COUPON Codes and Affiliate Links for My Favorite Things

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I get DMs on instagram asking me for my coupon codes and affiliate links so I thought I would just park them all here in a blog post and keep it up to date with whatever new comes along. If you find one is not working please email or DM me on instagram and I will try to fix it. Deal? Here goes! All of the blue hyperlinks take you right to the websites. Most have coupon codes or other savings.

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Rapid cooling or heating system for your bed. Blows air between baffles in a special sheet…yes, get the cloud sheet. Significantly improved my deep sleep numbers.
They have frequent special deals.

Water purification system for countertop use. I have the Big Berkey and fill it once a day. I also bought the berkey go for travel.

Bread srsly
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Gluten free sourdough bread done right.

Butcher Box
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Great home delivery grass fed and pastured meats. Try the lamb chops and the rib eye. Great beef burgers!

Circle C Farms
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Pastured meats and lectin light feed for poultry that is Plant Paradox friendly. I buy all of my chicken from them. The beef is not aged so it is lower in histamine for those of us that are histamine intolerant.

Following my link saves you $5.
Salicylate free toothpaste for burning mouth syndrome, or just for a cleaner option. I love the original. Try code DISCOUNT20

Eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R Cookie Mixes
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Allergen free, grain free, AIP friendly cookie mixes. SOOO good! Carob is my favorite.

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Clean haircare you can feel good about. Love their Smooth line and the flexible hairspray. Try a discovery kit!

Fast Bar
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Fast mimicking bar with clean ingredients. I love these for travel.

Force of nature
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If it does not, then DM me as codes change frequently.
This is an amazing cleaning system that turns salt, water and vinegar into an FDA registered disinfecting cleaner that is totally safe.

Grove collaborative
Use my link to get a free gift with sign up. Their blood orange hand sanitizer is amazing!

Code Paleogirl99 saves you 15%.
One of my ALL time favorite products. Microgreen growing kit that is FOOL proof! I love the white ceramic growing tray if you can splurge for it. This makes an amazing gift. Have given it a bunch of times and each time it gets rave reviews.

Paleogirl99 saves you 20%.
The plug in lunch bag for heating food on the go. Game changer for travel. Great for work so you can ditch the microwave.

Just Thrive
The spore based probiotic I use. Creates a healthy environment so that your microbiome can flourish and diversify.

Keto Mojo
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Blood glucose AND ketone meter in one machine.

La Vanilla Deodorant
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I think I have tried almost every “clean” deodorant and this is my favorite. Smells amazing and glides on smooth, not sticky or tacky. I like the Pure Vanilla.

Lovebird Cereal
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Super clean O-s cereal option that is grain free and AIP friendly.

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I have tried them ALL and this is the BEST clean and green dish soap around.

Sauna Space
Code PALEOGIRL99 is 5% off. Coupons stack so you can use in on top of sales.
GAME changer home sauna. Machine washable fabric cover. Breaks down for easy storage or moving it around if needed…I have several times. Gets plenty hot in there. I drip with sweat for a great detox.

Sip Herbals
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Legit coffees substitute from 3 healthy ingredients!

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Frozen on the boat fish for maximal freshness and reduced histamine! And did I mention it is delicious! My favorites are salmon and cod.

Souper Cubes
Amazing silicone trays with lids for building your freezer stash! Do it!

Paleogirl99 is 10% off an order of $25 or more and free shipping over $50.
Swipies are amazing reusable “paper” you wipe clean with a wet cloth. We are obsessed with them in our household. A great go green option!

Vital Choice
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Another frozen on the boat option for fish and seafood. Try the deluxe salmon burgers.

Affiliate links:

I appreciate when you use affiliate links, which help support this blog. Most things I share about here I purchase myself, but I do occasionally receive sample items from vendors to be able to test out new things. I also have affiliate accounts with a few brands that I truly believe in. Rest assured I will not share about anything I don’t use myself and totally love!

Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute Review

Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute

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Double Duty Prep: Hummus & Aquafaba Mayo

Mint fennel slaw with aquafaba mayo and a big dollop of hummus make this salmon bowl extra creamy and yummy.

Since reintroducing soaked and pressure cooked beans in the last year prepping hummus has become part of my weekly food prep routine.
I use the liquid from the canned garbanzos called aquafaba for both the hummus and for making aquafaba mayo.
Here is how I make both. Continue reading

Mint Pear and Caramelized Shallot “Salsa”

Mint Pear and Caramelized Shallot “Salsa”

I haven’t had mahi mahi in a while but I am always trying to work in a few more varieties of wild caught fish. In my mind mahi demands a nice fruit based “salsa” on top, so I got to work trying to figure out what I had on hand to whip up with something yummy. It turned out so well I need to write it down here so I can recreate it soon!
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Eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R. Cookie Mix Review

For a LONG time I did ZERO treats, like for YEARS of deep gut healing, but I finally found a few things I feel are ingredient worthy to include from time to time and boy am I enjoying it!

Eat GANGSTER Cookie Mixes

Ingredients that are:
Grain Free
Additive Free
Nightshade Free
Gluten Free
Soy and Legume Free
Tree, Nut and Seed Free
Egg and Dairy Free
Refined Sugar Free
are what makes these cookies G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R.!!
I have to say it is like they were custom-made just for me! I have a long list Continue reading

Thryve Inside Gut Health Test Review

If you have been following me for a while then you know that I am a biohacker at heart. I am ALWAYS tinkering with something to advance my health goals. These days I feel pretty great most days, which I can assure you is HUGE progress, but there is always room for a little more. I attribute much of my healing to improvements in gut health. I have used gut health testing in the past as a barometer of my progress, originally with Ubiome, which went belly up in 2019 (pun intended) and then later with Viome. After having used both of those platforms I recall wishing there was a test that combined the bacterial diversity data of Ubiome along with the food recommendation/avoidance lists of Viome and voila, along came Thryve Inside.

What to expect? Continue reading

Veggie Rice

Riced veggies, fennel mint slaw, mahi with pear shallot and mint salsa and some hamama greens.
Ricing veggies is a great way to use up veggie scraps and to add plant variety.

Lately I have been focusing on plant fiber diversity which aids in increasing the diversity of the microbiome. Some bugs like some kinds of fibers while others prefer other types, so to keep them all happy you need to include lots of variety in your diet. One great way to diversify is to make veggie rice combos. There are lots of veggies that rice well. You can rice and freeze them in individual bags or as blends. It is also a great way to use up ends of things or veggies that are nearing the end of their prime. It’s also a great way to use things up before you go on vacation. So many wins here.

Things that rice well:
Cabbage, but see notes
Sweet potato and squash

Everyone is familiar with cauli rice. I usually don’t bother ricing that myself as it it inexpensive to buy organic frozen cauli rice at Whole Foods, so that is what I usually use.

Broccoli rice is another yummy option. I tend to rice the stems that get leftover from the flowerettes we roast. You can rice the stems as you go and add to a bag in the freezer or mix in to blend bags.

Celeriac is probably my new favorite all around veggie. What it lacks in beauty it makes up for in versatility. I thought it would be too much of a celery flavor, but it is actually quite mild. To rice it first thoroughly scrub and then just peel off the knobby and hairy parts. Cube it and pulse it in a food processor with the S blade. I like to saute or bake it. If you add poultry seasoning it tastes a lot like stuffing, so it can be a nice side for an AIP Thanksgiving dinner.

Parsnips and rice really well and are delicious alone or add nice mild sweetness to any blend. Carrots can be added to mixes for a little color.

Turnip rices well. I don’t love it all by itself flavor wise, but I add it to my blends and it mixes well.

Sunchokes are also something I don’t do solo, but I add to blends, though I know some people roast them for a nightshade free potato sub. I have heard they air fry well too.

I have riced cabbage. Green or red cabbage rice well, but are more watery than the options above. I add it in small quantities to blends. If you freeze it solo it will freeze into a solid mass, rather than like rice grains.

I am not a beet fan personally….tastes like dirt to me…just sayin, but I do hear you can rice it.

Sweet potato or squash also rice really well. I a little sweet potato to some of my blends. I tend to avoid it in larger quantities as it is very high in oxalate, but I add it in small quantities for color and flavor.

Rutabega rices well.

Spread your riced veggies thin on a parchment lined baking sheet and freeze. Then transfer to a bag. This reduces clumping. If things DO clump, just give them a good whack with a meat mallet and they will break up or they will also fall apart as they cook if added as chunks.

If you make these riced veggies and post to instagram, tag me @paleogirl99 I would love to see what combos you come up with!

Pea Free “Split Pea” Soup

Pea Free “Split Pea” Soup

I avoided legumes for a long time while working on reducing systemic inflammation. Thankfully now I am discovering I can tolerate some of them if they are pressure cooked. Boom. I wasn’t looking to recreate split pea soup, but I was whipping up a batch of my creamy veggie soup and it just happened to taste an awful lot like split pea. Had to write it down right after prepping so I can recreate it in the future. It is definitely a recipe I will make again! It is full of Continue reading