Veggie Rice

Ricing veggies is a great way to use up veggie scraps and to add plant variety.

Lately I have been focusing on plant fiber diversity which aids in increasing the diversity of the microbiome. Some bugs like some kinds of fibers while others prefer other types, so to keep them all happy you need to include lots of variety in your diet. One great way to diversify is to make veggie rice combos. There are lots of veggies that rice well. You can rice and freeze them in individual bags or as blends. It is also a great way to use up ends of things or veggies that are nearing the end of their prime. It’s also a great way to use things up before you go on vacation. So many wins here.

Things that rice well:
Cabbage, but see notes
Sweet potato and squash

Everyone is familiar with cauli rice. I usually don’t bother ricing that myself as it it inexpensive to buy organic frozen cauli rice at Whole Foods, so that is what I usually use.

Broccoli rice is another yummy option. I tend to rice the stems that get leftover from the flowerettes we roast. You can rice the stems as you go and add to a bag in the freezer or mix in to blend bags.

Celeriac is probably my new favorite all around veggie. What it lacks in beauty it makes up for in versatility. I thought it would be too much of a celery flavor, but it is actually quite mild. To rice it first thoroughly scrub and then just peel off the knobby and hairy parts. Cube it and pulse it in a food processor with the S blade. I like to saute or bake it. If you add poultry seasoning it tastes a lot like stuffing, so it can be a nice side for an AIP Thanksgiving dinner.

Parsnips and rice really well and are delicious alone or add nice mild sweetness to any blend. Carrots can be added to mixes for a little color.

Turnip rices well. I don’t love it all by itself flavor wise, but I add it to my blends and it mixes well.

Sunchokes are also something I don’t do solo, but I add to blends, though I know some people roast them for a nightshade free potato sub. I have heard they air fry well too.

I have riced cabbage. Green or red cabbage rice well, but are more watery than the options above. I add it in small quantities to blends. If you freeze it solo it will freeze into a solid mass, rather than like rice grains.

I am not a beet fan personally….tastes like dirt to me…just sayin, but I do hear you can rice it.

Sweet potato or squash also rice really well. I a little sweet potato to some of my blends. I tend to avoid it in larger quantities as it is very high in oxalate, but I add it in small quantities for color and flavor.

Rutabega rices well.

Pea Free “Split Pea” Soup

Pea Free “Split Pea” Soup

I avoided legumes for a long time while working on reducing systemic inflammation. Thankfully now I am discovering I can tolerate some of them if they are pressure cooked. Boom. I wasn’t looking to recreate split pea soup, but I was whipping up a batch of my creamy veggie soup and it just happened to taste an awful lot like split pea. Had to write it down right after prepping so I can recreate it in the future. It is definitely a recipe I will make again! It is full of a variety of veggies, creamy but chunky, plant diverse, prebiotic rich and filling. I am sure you could eliminate the lima beans if you are staying legume free, but I wanted to start including small quantities of them a bit more in to my template to increase plant diversity. Who knows, I may even try split pea soon!

1 bag of frozen cauliflower
2 leeks, whites and greens coarsely chopped
1-2 scallions coarsely chopped
Handful of fresh chives
6 frozen artichoke hearts
Handful of frozen lima beans, probably about 1/4 cup (optional)
1 small or 1/2 large turnip coarsely chopped
1 small carrot coarsely chopped
1 cup celery coarsely chopped
1 thumb sized piece of ginger peeled
2 sunchokes
2 cups of water

Put it all in the instant pot. Pressure cook for 20 minutes.
Let cool enough to handle.
Use an immersion blender to process down to a slightly chunky purée, drizzling in a few tablespoons of olive oil during processing to give it a creamier texture.
Season with good quality sea salt, I always use Redmond Real Salt.

Paleo and Keto Frozen Travel Meals

Traveling is always challenging for me as it relates to food given my many limitations, Paleo, AIP, low histamine, low oxalate and lectin and lately back to keto low carb. The histamine issue creates the biggest obstacle for travel foods as leftovers or foods prepped ahead by restaurants are a big no no. Add to it that we are in the midst of a global pandemic and I decided to avoid eating out altogether. My plan you ask? Continue reading

Tigernut Low Carb Cookies

Tigernut Low Carb Cookies

Warning: These low carb cookies are dangerously good.
OK. You have been forewarned! Seriously though, over the last 7 years I rarely ate treats of any kind, but I am moving in to a phase of my diet with more inclusion, rather than exclusion and so I decided to create a low carb cookie I could enjoy as an occasional treat. These exceeded my expectations. I will say they are definitely Continue reading

Coconut Za’atar Turkey

Zesty za’atar and creamy coconut make a yummy combo!

I have just been introduced to the spice Sumac and I am a bit obsessed with it at the moment. My low histamine, AIP diet for the most part lacks the flavor profile “acid”…no vinegar (high histamine) and citrus is often iffy. So finding a spice that has a zingy acidic citrus note is a real Continue reading

Instant Pot Wild Cod Stew

Ok @tristynleighh this is for YOU…and anyone else that wants a yummy rich tasting single serve stew that cooks in 8 minutes!

Instant Pot Wild Cod Stew

1 4 oz piece of wild cod defrosted, I use Sizzlefish *
Olive oil, I love kouzini brand olive oil from Greece
1 small shallot, chopped
2 inch piece of the white of a leek, chopped
1/2 inch worth of grated fresh ginger
1/2 carrot, large cubes
1 stalk celery, large cubes
4 inch piece of daikon, large cubes
1 inch ring of butternut, cubed (or parsnip or sweet potato)
2 pieces of asparagus, chopped
Few sprinkles of garlic gold nuggets (awesome pantry item!)
1 bay leaf (I have a tree so I like to use them)
Few sprigs of parsley chopped
Optional add ins: I added purple radish and fennel fronds from my garden because I had them.
1 cup water (a little more if you like more broth)
If you prefer a stew texture, mix 1 tsp of Otto’s Cassava flour in to the water.

Turn Instant Pot on to sauté function.
Drizzle olive oil generously to coat the bottom of the pan.
Add in shallots, ginger, leeks and sauté while chopping the other veggies.
Add all other veggies and herbs in and pour in the water or water/cassava flour combo.
Place the defrosted fish atop the veggies.
Lock lid in place and hit Steam and reduce time to 8 minutes.
Rapid release the pressure when done.
Flake the fish in to the soup and pour it all in to a large bowl.
Sprinkle with salt to taste, I use Redmond Real Salt.
Optional garnish with hamama microgreens**.

* Now more than ever in this Coronavirus era, I am so glad I subscribe to a monthly box of Sizzlefish frozen fish, delivered to my door. This fish is frozen on the boat so it is MAXIMALLY fresh and it is delicious every time! They are approximately 4 oz portions and individually wrapped. I defrost them in a water bath which is quick and convenient. If you follow my link you will get 10% off your first box. I have the base level subscription and I usually order wild cod, haddock and one of their salmon options.

** Speaking of Coronavirus, in this time of limiting trips to the grocery store, there is NO better time to grow microgreens at home, right on your windowsill or countertop! They can be up to 40 times as nutritious as mature greens!!! The hamama system is super simple. It literally takes about 2 minutes to set up…no joke! The greens grow in about a week. Trust me, you will LOVE this system!!! Can’t say enough good things about it. One of my ALL time favorite products!! I recently upgraded to the white ceramic growing tray which is totally gorgeous!
Use code Paleogirl99 to save 15% off starter kits.

Affiliate links:
I appreciate when you use affiliate links, which help support this blog. Most things I share about here I purchase myself, but I do occasionally receive sample items from vendors to be able to test out new things. I also have affiliate accounts with a few brands that I truly believe in. Rest assured I will not share about anything I don’t use myself and totally love!

Rainy Day Stew

A warming stew on a rainy day!

It rained off and on all day here in Miami and I felt a little bit of a chill. That had me craving a warming stew, so I pulled out my Instant Pot to get one going. It turned out super yummy, so I decided to share it here, so you (and I) can recreate it in the future. It hits all of my ‘___-frees”, gluten free, grain free, dairy free and it is low-ish carb to boot. Because it is pressure cooked it is even lower histamine than a traditional slow cooked stew. Boom.

Here is what I did. Continue reading