Through Instagram I was able to discover that most of my symptoms were related to what I initially labeled histamine intolerance, but I was later formally diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. It explains literally a lifetime of seemingly unrelated multi-system symptoms. Now understanding the underlying cause has allowed me to manage and significantly reduce my symptoms so that I actually feel great most days!

From time to time I get asked about what resources I used…here are a few that were useful to me.

I use her food list and find it to be the most accurate in terms of what truly works for me. I have been able to work in some higher histamine foods as long as I don’t do too many at a time, but only after being very low histamine for a while. To get her full food list in PDF format you can join her mailing list.

Blog Posts

Chris Kresser Blog Post

The 4 Phase Histamine Reset
Never Bet Against Occam (very science heavy but thorough)

Articles (again, science heavy, but comprehensive)


The Food Intolerances app by Baliza was useful when I first was working to reduce histamine, though once I found Alison Vickers’s list I relied exclusively on that. Having an app on your phone can be handy. $4.99