Through Instagram I was able to discover that most of my symptoms were related to what I initially labeled histamine intolerance, but was later formally diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. I explains a lifetime of symptoms and now understanding the syndrome better has allowed me to manage and significantly reduce my symptoms.

From time to time I get asked about what resources I used…here are a few that were useful to me.

I use her food list and find it to be the most accurate in terms of what truly works for me. I have been able to work in some higher histamine vegetables as long as I don’t do too many at a time, but only after being very low histamine for a while. To get her full food list in PDF format you can join her mailing list.
Here is a nice post of hers
Yasmina has a lot of useful information on her website. She avoids most animal protein, which does not work well for me, but we are all so different…due to our genes, our microbiome, our environment and stressors etc. The key is to find what works for each of us through good advice but then a great deal of trial and error.

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The Food Intolerances app by Baliza was useful when I first was working to reduce histamine, though once I found Alison Vickers’s list I relied exclusively on that. Having an app on your phone can be handy. $4.99