Pyrex Glass and Silicone Lids

I like storing leftovers in glass or stainless steel to avoid plastic chemical nasties. I have a large collection of Pyrex storage containers and they honestly get used every day! I prep my workday salads in the 6 cup and my on the go hot meals in the 3 cup rectangular storage dishes. I had a combination of their basic blue simply store lids and the solid grey or clear and red plastic “no leak” lids from purchases over the years. The plastic lids degrade over time, cracking and peeling at the edges and sometimes warping making them ill fitting, but the bases…well I may be handing those down to my future grandchildren some day, since pyrex glass lasts for YEARS! So when I discovered that their new Ultimate lid system made of glass and silicone is now sold separately as a replacement lid, well I counted up every one of my bases and ordered new lids for them all. And let me tell you, these new lids deliver.
There is much to love about these lids. First of all, lids made of only Pyrex glass and silicone…..YES please! I really try to reduce my plastic usage for health reasons, not to mention environmental stewardship. Goodbye warping chipping plastic lids!

Furthermore since they are Pyrex glass on top you can see what’s in them, bonus. Hoping that will reduce the number of lid lifting nightmares at the fridge door discovering forgotten leftovers left to rot. I also like that the silicone frame of the lid is easy to lift open, and yet has been staying closed nicely in transit to and from work. There is a triangle of just silicone at the edge. After initially seating the lid into the container, you lift that corner to allow air out and then press that down to complete the seal. Have not yet attempted to transport anything really soupy or liquid in them, so cannot speak to a perfect on the go leakproof seal, but we did run this highly scientific test for you….

I bought the white lids, as I have an all white kitchen and I love the clean simple look of white. Crossing my fingers that they will stay nice and white over time. So far they have come out of the dishwasher (top rack safe) sparkling clean. It’s good to keep in mind that silicone is a porous material which can take on the color or odor of foods it comes in contact with.

Of course they sell the base and lid combo as well, so you can always choose that option if you don’t own already own the bases or you just need a few more. These are a workhorse in our kitchen!

So start counting up your lids and place that order! Here is a link right to the page. I happen to know that there is a flash sale tonight August 12, 2018 from 6 pm to midnight EST so NOW would be a good time to place that order and SAVE using the code SAVE30. Do it!

Clean and Green Household: Spray Cleaner

In my quest to reduce exposure to toxins anywhere I can, I had been struggling to find a household cleaner. Not only am I sensitive to lots of chemicals, but I am really triggered by many scents and fragrances…are any of you with me? I know anyone with mast cell or histamine issues like me will totally get that!

I had been seeing Force of Nature Clean all over instagram in accounts of many people I follow and respect and finally decided to give it a try.
About a week after I started using it I had an AHA moment. I had been reaching for this spray bottle left and right, and I usually avoid ALL spray cleaners like the plague! I have even been known to run in the other room if my husband breaks out the one he likes (I really have!). I casually said to him “Do you know why I really like this new cleaner?”, and he replied “Yes. Because it has no smell.” BOOM. He nailed it. It in fact does have a very mild smell, some have likened to very mild pool water, but it just smells fresh and clean and there are no added nasties to trigger me. I am using this now everywhere and I have to say, it works really well. Don’t just take my word on it, go to their website and read all about it. They have the science there to back it up for those of you that are science-y like me and need a little proof.

I also love that it is a greener option since you don’t have bottles to toss and there are no nasty chemicals to harm your home, or our environment for that matter. You receive capsules in the mail that you mix with water and activate in the device (left in the picture) to create the cleaner. It’s fun to watch as it bubbles like mad. The capsules contain only salt and vinegar in just the right ratio and you add the water to create electrolyzed water. Yeah, go read about it. They have a nice video that will take you back to high school chemistry, well maybe more like middle school chemistry. It’s cute and easy to follow and will give you everything you need to know about it.

My only hesitation so far was the plastic spray bottle, although I know glass might not be appealing to everyone. I did contact the company and they told me the liquid can certainly be transferred to a glass spray bottle. I have and like this one, so I may give that a go, although I don’t plan to toss this bottle, as that would defeat the purpose. Maybe in the future they might offer a glass bottle upgrade to the kit? (Hint hint…hope you are you listening Force of Nature?)

Clean and Green Beauty: Blowout Styling Products

Back in the fall of 2017 when I was making the switch to cleaner and greener body and haircare products I discovered the line by FlourishBeautyLab and can’t believe I am just getting around to sharing about it! It’s been a busy year! I just LOVE their lavender mint scent! My 2 FAVORITE smells blended together are ON POINT!

I use Continue reading

Easiest Ever Microgreens

Recently I have been trying to perfect growing microgreens ahead of our summer fallow season in Miami….too hot to grow much outside, but I still want something fresh and homegrown! I tried growing micros in soil…and it was, well, messy. I tried growing them on hemp mats and got all sorts of mold overgrowth…couldn’t get the amount of watering just right…overwatered some batches and some dried up. And THEN….I discovered Hamama micros on Instagram. This is an INGENIOUS and crazy simple system. It comes with Continue reading

How Much Do I Love My Hydroflasks….Let Me Count the Ways!

I bought my first Hydroflask in Feb 2016, but since then we have purchased a total of 7 for our family of 4 (1 got lost and was replaced…boys!).

I just got the stainless one this morning at TJ Maxx for $12…see that red clearance sticker on the bottom…SCORE! Going to use it for my morning tea.

There are so many things I love about my Hydroflasks, let me count the ways.

#1. Continue reading

Clean and Green Beauty: Facial Moisturizing Routine

I have been really working on cleaning up all of my beauty and household products and I have to say that this new routine is WAY better than the more chemical laden one I was using before! This simple combination has transformed my normally dry and sensitive skin and even gives me a bit of a healthy glow.

Both of these products are Continue reading