COUPON Codes and Affiliate Links for My Favorite Things

Do you love to save as much as I do?!!!

I get DMs on instagram asking me for my coupon codes and affiliate links so I thought I would just park them all here in a blog post and keep it up to date with whatever new comes along. If you find one is not working please email or DM me on instagram and I will try to fix it. Deal? Here goes! All of the blue hyperlinks take you right to the websites. Most have coupon codes or other savings.
All of the links are active, so click on the blue linked titles.

Use my link above for 10% off.
Rapid cooling or heating system for your bed. Blows air between baffles in a special sheet…yes, get the cloud sheet. Significantly improved my deep sleep numbers.
They have frequent special deals.

Water purification system for countertop use. I have the Big Berkey and fill it once a day. I also bought the berkey go for travel.

Bread srsly
$10 off your first purchase.
Gluten free sourdough bread done right.

Butcher Box
Use my link to get $30 off your first box.
Great home delivery grass fed and pastured meats. Try the lamb chops and the rib eye. Great beef burgers!

Chagaccino by Renude
This powdered chaga mushroom is mixed with cinnamon and a little monkfruit and it is DELISH added in to a little Sip Herbals coffee substitute, or regular coffee if you are friends with it…me not so much.
I use 1 tsp of this mix in a mini teapot of sip herbals, which makes a few servings. I don’t like things very sweet, so this works for me. It is meant to be used full test in your coffee. My sister turned me on to it. YUM
Use code PALEOGIRL99 to save 10%.

Circle C Farms
5% off your first order.
Pastured meats and lectin light feed for poultry that is Plant Paradox friendly. I buy all of my chicken from them. The beef is not aged so it is lower in histamine for those of us that are histamine intolerant.

Following my link saves you $5.
Salicylate free toothpaste for burning mouth syndrome, or just for a cleaner option. I love the original. Try code DISCOUNT20

Eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R Cookie Mixes
Code PALEOGIRL99 saves you 10%.
Allergen free, grain free, AIP friendly cookie mixes. SOOO good! Carob is my favorite.

Code Paleogirl99 saves you 15%.
Clean haircare you can feel good about. Love their Smooth line and the flexible hairspray. Try a discovery kit!

Fast Bar
Code PALEOGIRL9910 saves you 10%.
Fast mimicking bar with clean ingredients. I love these for travel.

Force of nature
A code should pop up through the link.
If it does not, then DM me as codes change frequently.
This is an amazing cleaning system that turns salt, water and vinegar into an FDA registered disinfecting cleaner that is totally safe.

Grove collaborative
Use my link to get a free gift with sign up. Their blood orange hand sanitizer is amazing!

Code Paleogirl99 saves you 15%.
One of my ALL time favorite products. Microgreen growing kit that is FOOL proof! I love the white ceramic growing tray if you can splurge for it. This makes an amazing gift. Have given it a bunch of times and each time it gets rave reviews.

Paleogirl99 saves you 20%.
The plug in lunch bag for heating food on the go. Game changer for travel. Great for work so you can ditch the microwave.

Just Thrive
The spore based probiotic I use. Creates a healthy environment so that your microbiome can flourish and diversify.

Keto Mojo
15% off kits via my link.
Blood glucose AND ketone meter in one machine.

Code PALEOGIRL99 is 10% off.
Breath acetone meter for testing for ketones.
Also a wonderful app that teaches you all about ketosis with a template for a “clean” keto template. Shopping lists, food lists, tips and tricks. You earn “coins” for completing lesions and for testing regularly and you get a $10 amazon gift card when you get to 2000 Keyto coins. FUN. I love freebies.

La Vanilla Deodorant
15% off coupon via link.
I think I have tried almost every “clean” deodorant and this is my favorite. Smells amazing and glides on smooth, not sticky or tacky. I like the Pure Vanilla.

Lovebird Cereal
Code Paleogirl99 saves you 10%.
Super clean O-s cereal option that is grain free and AIP friendly.

Link saves you $10.
I have tried them ALL and this is the BEST clean and green dish soap around.

Sauna Space
Code PALEOGIRL is 5% off. Coupons stack so you can use in on top of sales.
GAME changer home sauna. Machine washable fabric cover. Breaks down for easy storage or moving it around if needed…I have several times. Gets plenty hot in there. I drip with sweat for a great detox.

Sip Herbals
Code Paleogirl99 saves you 10%.
Legit coffees substitute from 3 healthy ingredients!

You get 10% off first order.
Frozen on the boat fish for maximal freshness and reduced histamine! And did I mention it is delicious! My favorites are salmon and cod.

Souper Cubes
Amazing silicone trays with lids for building your freezer stash! Do it!

Paleogirl99 is 10% off an order of $25 or more and free shipping over $50.
Swipies are amazing reusable “paper” you wipe clean with a wet cloth. We are obsessed with them in our household. A great go green option!

Vital Choice
You get $10 off your first order.
Another frozen on the boat option for fish and seafood. Try the deluxe salmon burgers.

Affiliate links:

I appreciate when you use affiliate links, which help support this blog. Most things I share about here I purchase myself, but I do occasionally receive sample items from vendors to be able to test out new things. I also have affiliate accounts with a few brands that I truly believe in. Rest assured I will not share about anything I don’t use myself and totally love!

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