Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute Review

Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute

It has been quite a LONG time since I had coffee. I went on the autoimmune protocol (AIP) in 2013 and coffee went away along with nightshades and a bunch of other things. Although I am not strictly autoimmune protocol any longer, nor even strictly paleo for that matter having done several successful reintroductions, I have not yet attempted to reintroduce coffee and not sure I really want to. Much of the world’s supply of coffee is contaminated with mycotoxin and my body just doesn’t handle that well. I also avoid caffeine as it is just too much of a trigger and slippery slope for me and having eliminated it, I have no plans to go back. Thankfully now I have a nice hot drink that scratches that “coffee” itch.

I have tried a bunch of other dandelion and chicory coffee substitutes that just never wowed me all that much. But Sip Herbals has managed to capture a coffee like flavor that feels rich and satisfying with just 3 simple and healthy ingredients: organic roasted chicory powder, organic roasted carob powder, and organic dandelion root powder! Yes. ALL organic and totally gluten free in case you were wondering. Boom! On their website they describe it as “dark, rich, and toasty, earthy, and nutty. It’s robust flavor softens and sweetens dramatically when you add something creamy! It does NOT taste exactly like coffee. Many think it has a flavor of its own (We tend to agree!). It stands up to milk and cream like coffee does, and it has a complex flavor.” Well said Sip Herbals! I enjoy mine with a little almond milk hot or iced. Delish!

Want to try it out? Click here and use my code paleogirl99 to save 10%. They have a nice sample size so you can give it a try. The big bag will of course save you as it prices out to under $1 a serving. You can even stretch that by re-brewing the spent grounds and adding a little fresh to the mix. Give it a try!

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I appreciate when you use affiliate links, which help support this blog. Most things I share about here I purchase myself, but I do occasionally receive sample items from vendors to be able to test out new things. I also have affiliate accounts with a few brands that I truly believe in. Rest assured I will not share about anything I don’t use myself and totally love!

4 thoughts on “Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute Review

    1. Lately I have been using Unsweetened Malk Organics. I like that it the almonds are soaked which would reduce phytonutrients. I have also used Three Trees which is delicious but I cannot get it locally anymore…sadly. It is really thick and creamy. If you have access try that one too. I have tried making my own as well. I soak and rinse and then I use Chef’n Nut Milk Maker which makes it super easy. Lately I have been freezing cubes of sip herbals to add to my protein shakes. Love getting the extra nutrients. When I freeze I even leave the grinds IN the cubes since they will be blended in to my shake for added nutrition.


    1. Coffee is considered paleo, but I eliminated it when I went on the autoimmune paleo protocol, which is a bit narrower. I have not reintroduced it as I feel better without caffeine AND much of coffee has mycotoxin and I feel better without that too. Sip is a great substitute with healthy ingredients. I LOVE it! Thanks for asking.


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