Homemade Vanilla Extract

My boys like waffles and this amazing recipe for Crispy Grainfree Waffles from Healthstartsinthekitchen.com calls for vanilla extract.  I like making my own so I know just what is in there, and it is so easy you will want to make it too!

Vanilla Extract

Put a small slice lengthwise in 10-12 vanilla beans and then place the beans in a tall glass jar.  I buy mine from amazon as they have lots of interesting varieties.  Grade B are fine for vanilla. My go to is the madagascar bean.

Fill the jar with your preferred alcohol, I use vodka made from grapes (Ciroc brand)

Let it brew for 6-8 weeks.

You can pour right from the jar with the beans left in place.  You can keep the batch going by adding or replacing older beans with fresh beans and topping off the alcohol as needed to keep it going.  I always have this on hand in my pantry.  Can’t imagine paying  a premium for storebought when this is so easy!

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