Prep Bowls: Kitchen Essentials Series

I had the very good fortune to have recently renovated my kitchen.   Moving into our new space gave me the opportunity to re-think where things should go so they make sense when I am cooking.  In the Kitchen Essential posts I am going to give you some views into my drawers and cabinets and show you some of the tools I use and love, and how I have them organized.

Prep Bowls

Everyone needs some good prep bowls.   We may have gone a wee bit overboard here, but I will say these all get used at some point or another….really!  I love stainless bowls for prepping everything from chopped salad, to slaw to kraut…you name it.  Many of these are by Fox Run.  They carry them on Others came from a local restaurant supply store and if you have one in your area GO…such a fun outing!!  If you are a foodie like me you will be like a kid in a candy shop, but without the nasty sugar rush😉.  I just did my best attempt to measure my favorite bowls and it looks like the sizes I use most often are approximately 1/2 qt, 1.25 qt, 2.75 qt and 4.25 qt.  I do have a huge one I use for kraut making (not pictured as that lives in my pantry😉).


I use the wide mouth funnel every time I make bone broth….so handy!  I put my smallest sieve over the top of it and then pour my broth into mason jars….boom.  I personally find fewer uses for the narrow neck funnel, but still a handy tool.


Again, I prefer stainless.The smallest one is the perfect for straining broth over my funnel. The bigger ones are great for washing fruits and veggies!

3 thoughts on “Prep Bowls: Kitchen Essentials Series

    1. A bunch of these are by Fox Run. I see they carry that brand on amazon. I think some of these came from Whole Foods and others are from a local restaurant supply store. Going to add links to the post with the sizes I use most often, so check back in a while.
      Hope that helps.


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