Hotlogic Plug-in Lunch Bag

The Hotlogic mini comes in some stylish designs. I need this one!

It was a game changer moment when I discovered the Hotlogic mini oven. I love this little device. It is a compact lunch bag with a heating element at the bottom. You plug it in and it heats your food in about 1-2 hours depending on the food’s starting temperature. I tend to bring my food to work frozen since I have concerns about histamine levels, so my heat time is on the longer end of that range. You can even cook food from raw which can be handy for travel. I love bringing it on vacation for airport or hotel meals. My husband uses his to heat dehydrated trail meals and oatmeal when he travels. I even used it for a road trip where I brought meals for the entire trip on dry ice, see my blog post here. There is a car adapter so you can heat while you drive and in some car models even with the engine off. Many of my instagram followers and work colleagues have jumped on this bandwagon and all have given it rave reviews.

Look at all of those color options!

So ditch the microwave and treat yourself to a Hotlogic mini! It makes a great gift!
You can always use my affiliate code Paleogirl99 to save 20%.

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I appreciate when you use affiliate links, which help support this blog. Most things I share about here I purchase myself, but I do occasionally receive sample items from vendors to be able to test out new things. I also have affiliate accounts with a few brands that I truly believe in. Rest assured I will not share about anything I don’t use myself and totally love!

2 thoughts on “Hotlogic Plug-in Lunch Bag

  1. Thanks for turning me on to this product! I use it to heat up my (premade) lunch at home before I go to work. It saves me so much time, work and cleanup. I used to use a pan and/or the toaster oven and have to be present when food was heating up, and clean pans. Now I just put my cold food in Thai first thing in the morning, and my lunch is hot and ready to go when I leave.


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