Solidteknics Pans Review

If, like me, you are very careful about what food you put in your body, you should be equally careful about what pan you put your food in!
Years ago I ditched all teflon non-stick pans and migrated to stainless and cast iron. Once I discovered Solidteknics pans they became my favorite go to every day pans! They actually live on my stovetop. I don’t even put them away because they get used that much.
Here is why I love them.

  • These pans are made out of a single piece of 1/8-inch solid wrought iron. They season like cast iron, but they are significantly lighter! See pics below for my experiment with pan weight. I have weak wrists so a lighter pan is a big PLUS. These are similar sized pans but you can see the Solidteknics pan is almost 2 pounds lighter than it’s cast iron equivalent.
  • One-piece rivet-free construction: This is AMAZING. I have all clad pans that are always grimy around the rivets. There is just NO way to get them clean. I LOVE this brilliant signature feature of these pans. The handles are nice and long and have cut outs to reduce heat transfer.
  • Right from the stovetop to the oven. I do a lot of pan roasting…starting stove top for a nice sear and then transferring to the oven to finish cooking through. These skillets are perfect for this method.
  • With seasoning the surface is workable non-stick. And with regular seasoning the non-stick properties improve over time. I have gotten in to the habit of doing a quick stove-top seasoning with their Iron Love bars (they share the recipe here) and the more consistent I am with care the more I reap the benefits of better non-stick seasoning.
  • USA made: These pans are made in Chicago; Crafted from 100% clean, heavy-metal-free USA sheet iron.
  • Speaking of heavy metal free, Lead Free Mama conducted her own independent testing on the composition of these pans and found no heavy metals. Read about it on her post here. The pans were 99.54% iron in her testing.

I own 4 iron pans and hope to continue to expand my collection over time. Have not yet tried their stainless line….someday!

My first pan was an Australian made Aus-ion 18 cm they gifted to me. It came raw but seasoned up nicely. I have refinished it a few times. Even though this pan is small it is super useful.

Next up was a US-ion 10 inch quenched skillet that I bought during a 2019 Kickstarter campaign. The quenched pan came pre-seasoned with a satin finish. This pan is a workhorse I use EVERY day! I love that pan so much I needed a second one. I often have veggie rice going in one and a protein dish in the other.

Then I pledged for a 7.5 inch US-ion quenched skillet through another kickstarter campaign which was just too good a deal to pass on. That pan is great for single serve proteins or mini sides.

Clean up is easy. I use a cast iron scrub brush and water and then wipe dry or heat briefly to evaporate any remaining liquid. No soap.
I stovetop season regularly using the Iron Love bars and do a deeper seasoning from time to time if they start looking dry.

AUS-ion and US-ion handles.

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