Evolvh Haircare Review

Evolvh Healthy Hair Trio

I cleaned up all of my home, hair and body care products a few years ago to reduce my overall toxin load and I am so happy to report that I continue to find products I like BETTER than the ones I used to use. Last year after receiving a peleton bike I found that I was washing my hair almost daily, which I know is not great for your hair, but what is the alternative?!! If you saw me after my peleton ride and the 20 min sauna that follows I am sure you would agree a good shower is in order! My hair was feeling a bit drier with my old haircare routine and I decided to try something new. Lisa of This Organic Girl is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to clean beauty brands and she was raving about Evolvh so I gave it a try and WOW. I love it too. Their discovery kits are a great way to try out their products. I use the Smooth product line. A few years back as part of the “dump all the toxins” clean up I stopped coloring and let my natural salt and pepper shine through. Well those streaks of grey sure are thirstier than the rest, so a little extra hydration has really helped my hair feel much smoother and silkier.

The SMOOTH line by Evolvh

ULTRASHINE shampoo smells like grapefruit. YUM. It foams up nicely from just a tiny squirt so this bottle lasts me a while!

ULTRASHINE conditioner works a little differently than traditional conditioners. Your hair will absorb most of it and when you rinse it may not feel like there much rinsing out. That is because it actually penetrates your hair and is working its magic from the inside out. This experience can be quite a bit different from regular conditioners that are coating your hair. I really like not having to do so much rinsing.

SMARTSTART leave in conditioner is a great heat protectant before a blow out and has UV protection for your hair and adds smooth shine.

SUPERFINISH is awesome for preventing pesky flyaways. It is silicone free so it doesn’t weight down your hair.

AND speaking about taming flyaways! I adore their ULTRAFLEX hairspray. It is light and totally flexible. No crunchy sticky mess. It holds all day but then washes out easily for a fresh clean start. You can use it in wet or dry hair.

My hair USED to be totally straight but in the last few years it has decided it wants to be wavy, verging at times on curly. I am playing around with their Wonder Balm Magic for Curls, which can also be used for silky smooth straight hair. It is a silicone free serum that can be used to define curls, or can be used with heat tools for silky smooth straightening. I sometimes use it on the pesky baby hairs I have up near my part line to make them behave. Works WONDERS 😉.
That or a spritz of the ULTRAFLEX hairspray when it is wet.


Evolvh recently shared their InstaVolume mousse with me and I am having fun playing around with it. Haven’t had a haircut in a year during COVID so my now longer tresses can use a little extra volume. I am eager to have somewhere to GO to blow it out and show it off!!

Ready to give Evolvh a try? Click here and use the code Paleogirl99 to save 15%.
FYI their platform allows you only 1 code or promotional so if you are getting a free gift with purchase product during one of their campaigns that will count as your one code.

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I appreciate when you use affiliate links, which help support this blog. Most things I share about here I purchase myself, but I do occasionally receive sample items from vendors to be able to test out new things. I also have affiliate accounts with a few brands that I truly believe in. Rest assured I will not share about anything I don’t use myself and totally love!

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