Pan Roasted Chicken Breast

Although I am partial to chicken thighs, chicken breast is a nice change of pace.  Because the meat is pounded with a mallet these cook up quick, which is always nice for a weeknight dinner option!

Pan Roasted Chicken Breast

Pound the boneless skinless chicken breasts with a meat mallet on a dishwasher safe cutting board…I like these by Epicurean, as they are made from sustainably harvested wood.  I have several of them in 8, 12 and 15 inches…great dishwasher safe option!

Sprinkle them with a mixture of salt, pepper and onion powder ( we keep those mixed in a shaker by our stove).

Spray the breasts with coconut oil spray (optional, but reduces chance it will stick to the pan). I use Spectrum brand from Whole Foods.

Pan saute in your favorite fat in an oven safe pan (stainless or cast iron)…brown each side til golden.  (If you have pounded it super thin it may already be done!)

Once browned transfer to oven and bake the rest of the way at 425 until the meat reaches a safe internal temperature (usual rule of thumb is 165 for poultry…I usually cheat at a little lower for moister meat, but have to tell you the guideline temp for safety reasons).  The amount of time will depend on how thick your meat is and how much it cooked in the pan…so thermometer is the best option.  I love my Taylor digital thermometer…got it on amazon. It gets used almost every day in our household! *

*Update: We have since upgraded to a Thermapen MK4 thermometer, but the Taylor was a great entry level unit at a great price. Do love the speed of the Thermapen, but it is pricey.

Plated with cauli mash and oven roasted asparagus.

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