Mix and Match Leftovers

I love to keep sautéed ground turkey in the fridge, as there are so many meals you can build from it….soups, sautés, and of course my mason jar meals.  For me it is all about mixing and matching my leftovers to make new and interesting combinations.

Sautéed Ground Turkey

I usually prep 1 or 2 pounds at a time.
Start with your favorite fat in the pan…I like duck fat….or olive oil.
Sauté a pile of fresh chopped shallots.
Add the meat and sauté until browned.
Season with salt, pepper and onion powder (we keep that mixed in a shaker by the stove)
If there are bits of caramelized goodness on th bottom fo the pan, you can add a splash of bone broth and they will mix in with the meat…so sad to waste them , as they are super yummy!

Depending on my mood I may add in any of the following to the batch:

  • fresh grated ginger
  • chopped lemongrass
  • leeks
  • scallions
  • freeze dried shallots for double shallot goodness
  • fish sauce (haven’t done that in a while…overdue!)

The possibilites are endless!

I store it in a 6 cup glass pyrex container in the fridge.
When it is time to make a meal you can

You get the idea.  Be creative and come up with new mix and match combinations!

4 thoughts on “Mix and Match Leftovers

  1. Thank you so much for this! I have a question for you. I love all your meals, and I am changing the way I eat, doing lots of research, etc. The question is, are you satiated? I have a ravenous appetite, and I’m thinking I will still be hungry without a starchy veg or something. Being hungry isn’t the worst of it, this will (and does) lead into a migraine for me. It’s been a struggle for a long time. ~aka Curly Kale


  2. For me, and that is not to say it is true for everyone, but experiment for yourself, I am much more satisfied when I eat low carb. I don’t get hungry in between meals. I find as soon as I bump up my carbs I am hungry all the time. There are several books that explain why this happens….has to do with being able to access your own fat stores in between meals…and also with satiety signaling. Let me think about which book explains it best..or see if there is an online explanation about it.


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