Mason Jar Meals #masonjarmeals

I love Shepherd’s Pie, but I was looking for an easy way to recreate that flavor that could be made ahead and would travel well. These mason jar meals do the trick. Imagine my delight when I realized I could reheat the jars in water in my mini lunch crockpot…double score!  It is handy to make a few at a time. They keep well in the fridge and I bet they can even be frozen ( need to test that and report back).

Here is what I do:
Start with pint size mason jars with these handy plastic lids.

Layer 1:  Sautéed ground meat.
You can season many ways. I do shallots and lemongrass or ginger scallion sauce, but be creative. It is great to use leftover meat. Double points if you do!

Layer 2:  Cooked veggies.
You can use leftovers or you can sauté veggies or simmer them in bone broth til soft. I usually use carrots, green beans, shallots or leeks, but you can be creative.

Layer 3:  Cauli or broccoli mash.   You could use mashed sweet potatoes as a variation.

Assemble:  Just add the layers to your jar and screw on the lid.

4 thoughts on “Mason Jar Meals #masonjarmeals

    1. I get them on amazon. Made by ball for wide mouth mason jars.
      I have not had a leakage problem, but I carry my meals and soup to work in a lunch bag with them upright inside and I am fairly careful about keeping them upright, so not sure if the soup tipped over what would happen.


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