Sheet Pans: Kitchen Essentials Series

You can tell I use my “half sheet pans” every day….I’d say they are well “broken in”, as they certainly are a workhorse in our kitchen.  I love having lots of them so I can always grab a clean one….line it with a pre-cut parchment sheet and I am ready to go for roasting veggies, baking cauli rice…so handy!  These are made of aluminum…and I am not a fan of that…BUT I always line them with parchment or a silpat so food is never in direct contact with the aluminum.  The restaurant grade ones are almost always aluminum for its light weight and heat conductivity.

I also love my smaller ones (quarter and eighth), which are great for fish en papillote or for re-heating smaller items in the oven, and the eighth size even fits in my “Breville Smart Oven” Toaster.

We buy our “half sheets” from a local restaurant supply store, but they are available online. I bought the quarter and eighth sheet pans on

This is a handy graphic for sheet pan sizes.

3 thoughts on “Sheet Pans: Kitchen Essentials Series

  1. hi, I’m a long time IG follower and noticed you redid your kitchen a little while back. Would LOVE (!!!) to hear about how you organized your kitchen layout to facilitate your cooking routine! I’m in the tentative plans of planning a new kitchen and would love a few tips and trick on what works and what doesn’t 🙂 thanks so much in advance.


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