Mason Jar Salads

If you are looking for a quick and easy lunch to prep ahead for an “on the go” meal, enter mason jar salad.

Mason Jar Salad

I start with a 1 quart Ball mason jar

Drop in a meyer lemon cube and pour in some olive oil…about 1 to 1.5 T

Chop up leftover baked chicken…I use my Shallot Baked Chicken Thighs…the chicken makes a good first layer as it marinates in the dressing, and keeps the other veggies up out of the liquid.

Layer in veggies…carrot, watermelon radish are good near the bottom as they are hardy and will not get soggy even if they touch the dressing.  Layer on cucumber, daikon and red radish.  Sometimes I add lettuce at the top…but sometimes I prefer just a pile of chopped veggies.

Screw on the lid (I get these on amazon) and lunch is ready!  They are a great make ahead option…will stay fresh for at least a day or 2 in the fridge.  These fit perfectly in my favorite  lunch bag….this is my new Gourmet Getaway Lunch tote by Built NY….love the adorable pink lining (which matches my watermelon radishes!) and who can resist those big cheerful polka dots (you all know I have a thing for black and white!)….AND this bag is machine washable, which is so awesome in case of any spills…it comes out of the wash like new!

When you are ready to eat just give the jar a little shake and dig in….or if you have access to a bowl, shake and dump…so yummy!

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