Creamy Veggie Soups

 It all started with my creamy cauliflower leek soup….then morphed to include creamy zucchini leek soup and now it is just creamy veggie soup!  There are so many variations I don’t stick to just one combo anymore.  I love to play with the variety, but the basic formula remains the same.Start with leeks.  I always include 1 fat or 2 thinner leeks.  Use only the white part washed and trimmed into thick slices.  I think they are a big part of why this soup comes out creamy even without dairy or coconut milk.  Save the greens to use for Oven Roasted Leek Greens or in sautes.

Add in cubes of veggies.  Get creative with the combinations.  I have used

  • zucchini (I peel mine…this is my favorite peeler)
  • cauliflower
  • yellow squash
  • daikon radish (in chunks it tastes sort of like potato)
  • turnip
  • Carrot
  • broccoli
  • turnip
  • delicata or butternut squash
  • fresh ginger
  • fresh turmeric

Half cover the veggies in broth, stock or water.  I have used bone broth or even just the meat juices left at the bottom of the pan when I prep shallot baked chicken thighs or chicken tarragon.  These work just as well…and waste not!  Remember you can always add more stock to thin the soup for consistency at the end as needed, but it will be more work to make it thicker if you have overdone the liquid.

Simmer covered until the veggies are soft.  I think this is about 15-20 minutes but will depend on what veggies you are using.  They should be tender when poked with a fork.  I like using a bamboo skewer.  I keep one in my utensil caddy next to the stove….super handy!

Instant Pot Option: If you prefer you can cook this soup in the instant pot. You can use manual at high pressure for 15 to 20 min, or if you are not in a rush just press SOUP. So easy! I like to add my liquid when I first start prepping the veggies and use the sauté function to start warming the liquid. That way it comes to pressure quicker when I start cooking. You will have to turn it off and then re select the pressure function to begin cooking once you lock the lid in place. Remember to have venting closed.

Once cooked reserve some of the liquid and begin blending with either your immersion blender or regular blender blend until smooth.  Add in remaining liquid until you get the creamy texture you prefer. I am lucky enough to have a Blendtec blender which makes this soup extra creamy. If I am using water rather than broth with fat I will drizzle in olive oil to get a creamier texture.


You can add in extra stock if it seems to thick…it should be creamy not chunky.

If you have made it too thin you can either steam extra veggies to add in, or I like to add some cauli mash in it to thicken it up if I have that ond hand.  I don’t usually need to adjust much.  Once you get the hang of the ratios you won’t either.

Store in a mason jar in the fridge or freeze in freezer safe sizes of mason jars.

I love to make a batch of this soup right before I go away on vacation (I call it “vacation soup”).  It helps me use up the last of my veggies AND then I freeze it so I have something prepped and ready on hand when I get back!!

6 thoughts on “Creamy Veggie Soups

  1. Sounds really good. I have a question for you. How did you know you were intolerant to beef/pork? I have been following AIP for 3 months with no resolution of any of my symptoms (severe acid reflux, fatigue, brain fog, achey among others). I can’t afford a functional medicine doctor at this time so I’m trying to figure this all out on my own but not having much luck. I keep a food journal but so often there seems no rhyme or reason to when my symptoms worsen or lessen. I’m sure I have many underlying issues (I was diagnosed with celiac disease 6 years ago) but I’m also pretty sure that something (or many things) that I’m eating are adding to my symptoms. I was thinking maybe beef/pork was an issue so I cut them out for a week but still had heartburn on and off. Now tonight I had pot roast and I’m up at midnight with the worst acid burning in my throat. I may try low fodmaps at some point since I know for a fact that cauliflower brocolli cabbage and onions bother me. I’ve just been so frustrated and disappointed that after 3 months I still have no improvements. I feel like everyone else raves about their success with this diet and I almost think I feel worse since I’ve been following it if that’s possible. Thanks for your posts. I’ve been following for a long time and you’ve been such an inspiration!


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