Paleo Travel: Kitchen Tools To Go


I have to give credit where credit is due….my husband came up with the idea to pack a kitchen essentials pouch years ago.  For years now we have been renting apartments or houses for our vacations and have discovered that some kitchens are better equipped than others.  One kitchen would be missing a good spatula, while another had no paring knife.  Each trip would reveal a new deficiency and so over the years we have added various items to this little kit which gets packed away in our duffle between excursions.  Here is what is in there currently:

1. A nylon spatula

2. A silicone steamer basket:  This one was added during our San Francisco trip a few years back.  My boys often eat steamed broccoli and very few travel kitchens have a steamer insert.  We picked this one up at Sur La Table in the Ferry Building.

3. Mini Tongs:  These just got added recently….we use tongs all the time at home so having a pair along is handy!

4. Measuring spoons: Most travel kitchens have them, but sometimes one is missing.  I prefer stainless, but my hubby added these a while back.

5. Paring knife:  Knives are super variable in travel kitchens.  The kitchen we just had in Seattle had tons of good knives, while we have had kitchens where there was not even a single good knife.  We can only take this along if we are checking a bag.

6.  Scissors: Also a recent addition.

7.  Peeler

8. Mini whisk…handy for dressings

9. Coffee scoop…for my hubby

10. Digital thermometer:  I can’t live without one of these!

11. Corkscrew

12. Spices we use frequently:  What we bring can vary by season and location.  Chicken Tarragon is a great make ahead meal for travel…you can cook it at night and then re-heat after a day of skiing or hiking…winning!

13.  Good salt!  I usually bring several kinds…maldon, maldon smoked and redmond real salt.

14. Mini grater: The latest addition.  I wanted to grate ginger during our recent trip and alas, no grater, so my husband just added this mini grater. We will see how it goes on our next vacation!


4 thoughts on “Paleo Travel: Kitchen Tools To Go

  1. I also have been working on a travel box for use in rented condos and hotels. Like you we have found supplies to be pretty inconsistent in rentals and kitchenettes. So far I have the following: a mini cutting board, knife with sheath to keep the blade covered, mini silicon spatula, a box of Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets or pre-cut parchment paper (some of the baking sheets are gross), zip n steam bags, mini plastic containers for spices and plastic cutlery. I’ve decided that I want a grater/slicer that fits over a plastic box for food storage but have yet to find one that gets decent reviews.


    1. So handy to have these items for travel. We often cannot bring the knife with sheath (unless we have at least one packed bag). I have a nice mini cutting board I have taken to hotels. For slicer would the Progressive International Veggie Slicer be too big to travel with? I LOVE mine and use it every day! Have never taken it with me for travel but miss it on every trip since we use it so often!


      1. Does it have a grater option too? I was thinking that even if it is a little big I can store my knife, measuring spoons, and small items like that inside the box.

        We mainly take road trips, but we’re hoping to fly to a more distant location in a few months. We’re going to have to check a bag primarily for the knife and liquids. I’ve mapped out grocery stores near our planned travel area but also don’t want to spend all of my vacation time shopping! I’m trying to figure out a way that I can pre-prepare foods like I often do on road trips, so that I don’t have to spend very much time doing meal prep either.


      2. No…it does not have a grater blade…it just does various sizes of cubes and slices. I don’t think I grate very often…maybe just ginger..and I have a bunch of the handheld graters from microplane..fine to course…that I use at home, but don’t normally take on the road. What would you be grating?
        Are you on instagram? If so DM me there so we can have an easier back and forth and I can attach pics of what I have to show you. Will also give some thought to prep ahead ideas for travel if I can come up with any? Nowadays Whole Foods has lots of prepped fresh veggie options that could work for travel like cubed veggies and cauliflower riced etc.


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