Clean and Green Life: All the Things I Use and LOVE

From time to time I get asked for a comprehensive list of the things I use and love. Among friends and family I am known as someone who does my research and is fairly picky, but hopefully in a good way. I am always looking for the very best products with the cleanest ingredients and ideally the greenest footprints. So for those of you that have asked over and over, here it is, finally! In some categories I am still in research mode, as it has been a long and in some cases slow process to find products that are clean but still work, so consider this blog post a work in progress.

In the Kitchen


Dishwasher Soap: I use Ecover Zero Automatic Dishwashing tablets and they really work! It took a few tries using different products to find one that really cleaned the dishes and left the glasses spot free, but this does the trick. I also use their Dishwasher Rinse Aid which helps the glasses sparkle.

UPDATE: I recently discovered Aspen Clean Dishwasher Pods. They are EWG verified!! Super clean ingredients. Give those a try!

Dish Soap:
I am still in search of the perfect dish soap. Will report back soon. In trials of several that get EWG A rating. In the past I have not been able to find one that is both green, but also cleans! It’s all in the bubbles for me. Still searching. I have a list to try which includes Ecos Lavender, Ecover Zero, Trader Joe’s Lavender Tea Tree and The Honest Co Grapefruit, all of which are EWG A rated. Anyone have input?

UPDATE: I have found some WINNERS in this category. I first found Puracy dish soap. It lathers up nicely and cleans really well. EWG rating of A. I prefer the Green Tea & Lime scent. Was not a fan of Citrus and Sea Salt, though it sounded so appealing. They did refund me as they have a wonderful satisfaction guarantee. This is a great product.
I also discovered Aspen Clean Dish Soap which is the ONLY EWG verified dish soap on the market. I have been using the Lavender Lemongrass. I will let you know that it does not lather much, so if that matters to you, just know that. My husband says the plumber told him that soap bubble residue is a major contributor to clogged drains, so I guess less bubbles is a win in that regard.

Hand Sanitizer:
I am not a super frequent user of hand sanitizers, but there are situations where it is called for. I love having it on hand when I travel. Grove Collaborative makes an amazing blood orange hand sanitizer. It comes in a spray and a gel, and I love BOTH. My friends ask me for a squirt when we are together because they love the fresh orange scent. Trust me, you are going to love this one!

Hand Soap:
2 favorites in this category.
Kosmatology soaps are amazing. They smell sooo good and the ingredients are super clean. You can buy refills which reduces waste. I especially love the lemon and the rosemary mint. I am a usually a huge fan of grapefruit, but I found the lemon to have a stronger aroma in this case, which makes it a winner.

Branch Basics operates on a clever and eco friendly concept. You buy a kit that contains 1 concentrate and you receive several bottles with fill lines. You use the universal concentrate to create hand soap, laundry soap, spray cleaner, window spray and a bathroom cleaner. Love the idea of reducing my plastic consumption. The ingredients are earth friendly and non toxic. That is a winning combo. Including here, but I guess this product fits into several categories, so just keep that in mind!

Scouring Powder: I use good old Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. I keep it in a 1.5 quart tall wide mouth mason jar with a fine mesh sprouting lid to make a sprinkler top.

Spray Cleaners:
Force of Nature Spray Cleaner: I adore this simple but super effective spray cleaner. The clever device turns a small vial of salt, vinegar and your added water into electrolyze water, which is a cleaner powerful and yet gentle enough that hospitals use it in wound care. It has a very mild pool water smell that just says clean without being overpowering.

Branch Basics concentrate can also be used to make a nice spray cleaner. It is unscented which is a plus in my book. Again you are using the universal concentrate to refill the supplied spray bottle. I love reducing my plastic footprint, don’t you?!


Berkey Water Filter: I took way too long to take this plunge, but am so glad I finally did. I love my Big Berkey. I had toyed with the idea of the Travel Berkey, but am glad I went BIG. We go through a complete fill every day. With the Big Berkey I have the option to upgrade to 4 carbon filters for faster purification in the future (it comes standard with 2). I can also add on the fluoride filters if I choose to in the future, although I don’t love that the filter cases extend into the lower water collection chamber…hmmm.
I opted for the stainless spigot which is a nice upgrade. Living in Florida this purchase is really a no brainer as a berkey should be a part of anyone’s disaster plans. Can you say hurricane?! You can literally make clean drinkable water from mud! Boom.

Circle C Farm: I order all of my chicken from this Florida Farm. Their chicken is pastured and fed a supplemental diet of rice and sorghum, rather than corn and soy. Of course the pastured chickens are allowed to peck for whatever else they would normally eat in nature. They have a large variety of pastured grass fed meats and they ship nationwide.I love their pasture points reward system as you can earn free food, and who doesn’t love that?!
Use my link to get 5% off your first order.

Hamama Microgreens Growing Kit: I absolutely adore this system for growing your own microgreens. It is probably one of my favorite products, maybe ever! So easy and microgreens are a nutrient powerhouse! Read all about this super easy growing system in my blog post here. If you can pour water you can grow microgreens.
Use coupon code Paleogirl99 for 15% off new subscriptions.

Hotlogic mini: This plug-in lunch bag is a must for heating food on the go. You can even get an adapter so you can heat food in your car!
Use code Paleogirl99 for 20% off! This is life changing!

Kouzini Olive Oil: I have lots of different olive oils in my kitchen, but this is my go to olive oil for when I want to really taste that pungent olive flavor. Love that it comes from just one source in Greece and the harvest date is right on the label.

California Olive Ranch also makes really nice olive oils. They too include the harvest date right on the label so you know what you are getting is fresh! You will find their olive oils on so many “best of” lists. They are committed to eco friendly practices and are currently working to create an organic olive oil and I am excited about that in the future. I like their Everyday olive oil when I need a light and mild tasting olive oil. Their Miller’s Blend is pungent and peppery with that lovely polyphenol punch! Yum.

Redmond Real Salt: This is my everyday “go to” salt. I love that it is from an ancient sea bed, so it is untainted by our modern day ocean pollution woes. Plus it has over 60 natural trace minerals. My favorite is the kosher sea salt for it’s “just right” salt grain size.

Sizzlefish: I order all of my seafood here. It is flash frozen on the boat to capture peak freshness. This is important to me as I need to minimize my histamine exposure due to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. I have a monthly subscription and they ship to me in eco friendly packaging (their standard packaging is styrofoam so ask for the eco friendly option).
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Eco Friendly Living

Mason jars: I store anything and everything I can in Ball Mason Jars! I have an entire cabinet full of them! Really! See my post here.

Pyrex Ultimate: Glass bases that last forever and glass and silicone lids that are dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. What is not to love about that! See my post all about them here. I bought the lids separately as I already had the bases, but they are available both ways.

Swipies: These are a MUST for every list maker! You use non permanent water soluble pens with these reusable paper substitutes so they wipe clean and can be used over and over again. The owner says she is still using the ones she first developed 4 years ago. Mine have gotten a lot of use already, but they still look new. Trust me, these are super cool and you can feel good about saving a tree!
Code Paleogirl99 gets you 10% off orders over $25 and free shipping over $50.

Stasher Bags: I LOVE Stasher bags which are reusable 100% non-toxic platinum silicone bags that replace ziplock bags. And if reusable wasn’t a big enough win, they also seal better than ziplocks and can even be used for sous vide. I have ditched plastic bags for almost everything and invested in Stasher bags in snack, sandwich and half gallon sizes. They are dishwasher safe and freezer safe and good for the planet. I use one of the stand up size for my travel liquids and feel more confident about the seal than with a ziplock.
Ditch plastic and go Stasher!!

Household and Cleaners

Force of Nature Spray Cleaner: Again, can’t say enough great things about it, as I mentioned in the kitchen section. It is great for bathrooms too, and for cleaning odd shaped items with difficult to reach spaces, like my hydroflask lids for example.

Molekule Air Filter: I have been using this for about 6 months now and I really love it. It has a sleek modern design. It uses both filters and a UV light to not only trap, but also vaporize mold and other airborne pathogens. You can turn off the connectivity to reduce EMF. It offers a scheduled dark mode which I find handy. The light on my unit goes off at 9 pm and turns back on at 7 am. The filter portion of the unit continues to run, but I get a nice dark room for better sleeping conditions.

Dr. Bronners Sal Sud: I am just discovering the many ways to use this concentrate all over the house. Read all about it here. I am experimenting with this for dishes and possibly laundry at the moment. Will report back!


Laundry Soap: Converting over to cleaner and greener products has been a process of researching and testing products one by one to find what I like and that works. Like dish soap, this is another area where I am still in the testing phase. I had been using Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender which works really well, but when I discovered it gets a dismal D rating on EWG I dug in to research mode for better options. A friend recently suggested Biokleen laundry liquid. She uses the citrus essence and vouches that it fights the toughest yoga sweat on her microfiber gear, and that is a pretty impressive testimony. Their citrus rates a B and their free and clear an A on EWG. I am giving them a try. I like that they offer a cardboard bottle option, though it does contain a thin plastic bag liner. Also currently testing Branch Basics concentrate for laundry as well as Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds and will update when I can provide more feedback.

I have found 2 new great products in this category.
I first discovered Ingredients Matter Soap is Back laundry powder in an old fashioned box. I like that the inner liner is paper and the box is cardboard, as I try to move away from plastic more and more.
The second product is in a plastic jug BUT Aspen Clean Laundry Liquid is the ONLY EWG verified laundry soap on the market. I have the lavender lemongrass.
These are both great picks!!

Oxygen Boost: Branch basics makes a nice oxygen boost which gets an A rating on

Beauty & Self Care

Bella Cuore Harmonic Healing Oil: I use a few pumps mixed with moisturizer for my face twice a day. Use coupon code PALEOGIRL for 10% off. Read about it here.

Dr. Bronners Rose Hemp Castile soap: I use this as my daily face wash, morning and night! Light fresh scent and gentle on my sensitive skin, not to mention your pocket book! Such a bargain!
Dr. Bronners Lavender Castile Soap I use this for the rest of my body in the bath and shower, but there are TONS of uses for Bronners soaps! Read alol about them here.

Carina Organics I LOVE LOVE LOVE their super clean shampoo, conditioner and facial moisturizers. The citrus scent is reminiscent of fresh tangerine. YUM. See my blog post all about them! Ingredients so clean you could practically eat these products! They rate an impressive 1 on EWG’s skin deep data base.

Cleure Original Toothpaste: I have burning mouth syndrome and this super gentle toothpaste is my go to for brushing without the burn! Love the clean no nonsense ingredient list.

Flourish Beauty I love their silky hydrating mist for detangling and protecting my hair during blowouts and their silkening serum for a little extra control. Read all about what I love from them here.
Coupon code paleogirl20 saves you 20%.

Evolvh: I was recently introduced to these products by Lisa of This Organic Girl, and I have to say Thank You for that intro. These are outstanding new additions to my haircare routine! I started with the smooth discovery kit and was immediately hooked on the Smart Start Leave in Conditioner and the Super Finish Polishing Balm. I live in Miami Beach and the humidity here is for REAL. Having ditched hair coloring a few years back, inspired again by Lisa, she is getting some airtime here! Now with a little salt and pepper I find I need a little extra control for flyaways. Well I have found it and am a bit obsessed with both of these products at the moment. EcoCert certified ingredients. Give this brand a try! Use code Paleogirl99 to save 15%.

Just Thrive Probiotics: I use this spore based probiotic. I love that it does not require refrigeration and that it survives the acid environment of the stomach to arrive in the intestines 100% active. It functions differently from traditional probiotics that attempt to reseed the gut flora, which is very difficult to sustain. Rather it works to recondition the gut, allowing good bacteria to grow and thrive more easily so that you in essence reseed on your own. Clever! Give it a go.
Coupon code Paleogirl15 saves you 15%.

Keto Mojo Ketone and Glucose monitor: Yes 1 device does BOTH!. There are 2 sets of strips but just one meter, which is super handy. As a devoted biohacker I love using this data to understand better how my body reacts to different foods. I find this data very valuable when tweaking my diet for optimal health and wellness.

Oura Ring: I LOVE mine! The sleep data and readiness score really help me understand what days are for GO FOR IT days and when I should really just rest and recover. On several occasions it alerted me that I was getting sick even before I had symptoms. That allows me to take action and nip illness in the bud! Again as a biohacker I love the sleep data.

SanRe Organic Skin Food. I adore this line of products. So many things to love. Small business founded by a mother daughter team committed to organic skin care they call skin food…love that! Shouldn’t you feed your skin only good things!! It is your largest organ after all…just sayin! I especially love their C-Love vitamin C cream which melted away my sun spots! Miraculous! Read about what I love here.

23 and Me: I have learned a TON about my health status by running 23 and Me and then using strategene to identify my SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). It turns out I have a lot of genetic miscoding that causes me to be a less than optimal detoxifier. That is the BIGGEST reason why I am so devoted to clean and toxin free products!!

Affiliate links:

I appreciate when you use affiliate links, which help support this blog. Most things I share about here I purchase myself, but I do occasionally receive sample items from vendors to be able to test out new things. I also have affiliate accounts with a few brands that I truly believe in. Rest assured I will not share about anything I don’t use myself and totally love!

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