Clean and Green Beauty: Facial Moisturizing Routine

I have been really working on cleaning up all of my beauty and household products and I have to say that this new routine is WAY better than the more chemical laden one I was using before! This simple combination has transformed my normally dry and sensitive skin and even gives me a bit of a healthy glow.

Both of these products are super clean and you can even pronounce everything on the ingredient list…BONUS!

On the left is Daily Face Moisturizer by Carina Organics. It earns a top score of 1 from the Environmental Working Group. It is certified organic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and a super bargain at $14.99 for the 4.2 Fl oz pump bottle.

On the right is Harmonic Healing Oil by Innersense Beauty. This oil can be used on hair, skin and nails and it makes an amazing facial oil. I love a good multi purpose product! I buy mine from . If you use the code PALEOGIRL at checkout you will save 10%.

I started with the 1 oz size which sells for $24 but I have since upgraded to the 4 oz size. You only use a little bit so it lasts for good long while.

Here is what I do. I wash my face and then I use 1 pump of the Harmonic Healing Oil with 2 or 3 pumps of the Daily Face Moisturizer. I rub them together in my hands and then slather them all over my face and neck. I use whatever is left to moisturize the back of my hands and forearms.

I do this first thing every morning and then again before bed every night.


Lately I have added in a drop or 2 of Cacay oil after reading about it from Hayley Stobbs on instagram. I buy this one on amazon. It is very nice and has antioxidant and anti-aging properties, so what’s not to love about that?

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