How Much Do I Love My Hydroflasks….Let Me Count the Ways!

I bought my first Hydroflask in Feb 2016, but since then we have purchased a total of 7 for our family of 4 (1 got lost and was replaced…boys!).

I just got the stainless one this morning at TJ Maxx for $12…see that red clearance sticker on the bottom…SCORE! Going to use it for my morning tea.

There are so many things I love about my Hydroflasks, let me count the ways.

#1. It encourages me to drink more water.
These days I get in about 80 oz a day. Having one with me at ALL times (ask my friends…I literally cart one everywhere I go!) means I always have access to clean, cold refreshing water. The straw top makes it easy to take a few gulps at at a time. When I was first focusing on hydrating more often I used an app to remind me to drink periodically, but these days it is just part of my routine and I get there almost every day, and when I don’t, I can honestly feel it.

#2. It helps me to keep track of how much I have consumed.
If I know I started with my 20 oz flask full in the am and then refilled it 3 additional times…well then I know I am getting in my full 80 oz for the day. Tea and coffee don’t count and I have even read that you need to subtract those from your totals to remain well hydrated.

#3. It keeps water cold.
Like I mean SUPER and deliciously cold! I have left mine in the car for hours in the scorching summer heat of Miami where the internal temp of the car can rise to over 100 and when I came back there was still ice in there. THAT is what I am talking about! Game changer from the old days of glass bottles where I would run in for a quick errand and come back out to a hot water bottle dripping with condensation…yuck.

#4. It is environmentally friendly.
Do you still buy plastic water bottles? Ditch those STAT. Think of how many end up in our landfills. GASP! Install a filter at home and/or throw a GoPure pod in to clean your water on the go. It not only removes impurities, but it also adds back in minerals. Mine always lives in the bottom of each of my hydroflasks. Give it a good rinse every so often when you are washing your flask. But I digress….

#5. Speaking of plastic free?
On the subject of ditching plastic bottles…who wants to drink from plastic and have chemicals leach in to their water. I love drinking from good old fashioned stainless. Always tastes fresh and clean. (When I first bought mine I tried drinking homemade seltzer in it…metal and seltzer were not friends). I stick to flat water in mine.

#6. Fewer glasses in the dishwasher.
Seriously, our dishwasher top rack can fill up with glasses in a single morning. You know the drill…hmmm, is that my glass? I’m not sure… I will just grab a clean one and throw this one in the dishwasher! When everyone has their own hydroflask there are way fewer glasses to wash, so that is environmentally friendly too. Bonus!
Have everyone pick a different color so you always know which is yours. I even take mine to the dinner table. Did I mention that I take it everywhere? Yes…I think we covered that.

What I own and love:

The flasks:

20 oz wide mouth tea and coffee flask
Until recently this was my everyday on the go flask for water. It is light and portable. I use the straw top. We have 3 of these. Mine is white, cause I love white!

32 oz wide mouth
I fell in love with the REI special edition member flask and had to have it, even though as you can see, I didn’t really need it! But isn’t it cute!! 32 oz is a nice size requiring fewer refills. This is the one I am sporting now. The only trade off is it is bit heavier when full, but the upside is fewer refills are needed.

40 oz wide mouth
This is great for days where you are on the go and might not have access to clean filtered water (again a GoPure pod is a great option…just sayin’).
The only downside is it is pretty heavy when full, but I still love it and I rotate it in frequently. The flasks themselves are not super heavy, but water is!
Fun fact…16 ounces of water weighs in at about a pound.

22 oz tumbler with lid
I just got this this morning so I cannot yet report on it, but I will edit this when I have thoughts.


I use the straw lid. Now they come in fun colors and you can mix and match. It has a handy carrying loop.
I started with the flip top, which is nice for hot beverages.
I am not personally a fan of the tops that need to be screwed off, as they just make it that much harder, and for me that means I drink less often. They are handy for carrying though. Everyone finds their favorite.

I would recommend buying a boot. They come in 2 sizes. One fits the 12 to 24 oz sizes and the other fits the 32 and 40 oz sizes. It helps reduce dings at the bottom of the flask. My newest one from REI came outfitted with a boot and I plan to buy them for my other 2 personal flasks.

The ONLY thing I don’t love about my hydroflasks is dings…and they will happen…in spite of best efforts. At least they make nice finger grips if they happen in the right places. The boot will help with these at the base for sure!
Carrying a lot of water can be heavy. As you have just learned above, 16 ounces of water weighs in at about a pound, so just keep that in mind. It will get lighter as you drink throughout the day and you can always do a few curls with your bottle when you have a moment.
Neither of these is even CLOSE to a reason not to get a hydroflask. They are just that awesome!
I do admit, they are an investment, but you are worth it and if you make carrying it a habit, you will use this every day!

Treat yourself now and get hydrated.

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