SanRe Organic Sunscreen and Skincare

I was on the hunt for a super clean facial sunscreen and had tried quite a few that just did not cut it. Turned my face white, went on chalky or sticky, too oily…you know what I am talking about. Undeterred I went searching for more options on one of my favorite websites, the EWG’s Skin Deep database. It is an amazing resource that rates products on a 10 point scale for things like overall hazard, cancer causing ingredients, allergies and immunotoxicity. You want to choose products with the lowest number possible, meaning they contain the safest ingredients. Well low and behold I found SanRe Organic products right at the top of the list with a score of 1. Boom! They even call their products organic skin food, since they nourish your skin, our largest organ. Just sayin! Does your current skin care nourish your face? I have since tried several of their products, some of which they sent to me as samples, and others of which I purchased on my own.

Here are my personal favorites:

  • C-Love: I love, Love, LOVE C-Love. First of all you open the container and it smells bright, fresh and citrus-y. A little bonus aromatherapy before you even apply. Then it goes on silky smooth with such an amazing texture. I was using if for about a month and I noticed most of my sun spots were fading or gone. I live in Miami so sunspots are a hazard of our year round sunshine. I was trying to figure out what was fading them until I saw one of SanRe’s instagram posts mentioning that C-Love fades sunspots! I am telling you, give this one a try! I like to layer it with their night cream before bed and with their sunscreen in the morning for even smoother application of those products with the added bonus of the nourishing vitamin C. I actually place a smear on my palm and mix the creams together before applying, which works really well.
  • Supple Sunshine Solar Rosemary Lavender Day Cream: This is now my go to daily facial sunscreen. SPF 30 with a nice light scent of lavender and rosemary. I am SUPER sensitive to smells due to my Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, but this one is nice and subtle, not at all overpowering. It has an EWG rating of 1 for low hazard ingredients like aloe, thyme, coconut oil, hyssop oil to name a few, not to mention zinc and titanium oxide for the SPF 30. I mix it with a little C-Love and facial oil to make it go on even smoother as I have pretty dry skin, so they help it glide on. Sparkling aloe is also nice SPF 30 option with a light citrus scent for normal to oily skin. They also make a rose scent as well, again lightly scented and especially for sensitive skin.

  • Lavender Dream Night Cream: After trying and loving the day creams I bought and now love their night cream too. No SPF here, just a nice rich night cream that really quenches and rehydrates my dry skin. It contains calendula and chamomile and several nice essential oils and is for normal to dry skin.
  • Eye Candy: Finally an eye cream that does not irritate the SUPER sensitive skin around my eyes. One of my main Mast Cell Activation Syndrome symptoms is eye redness so I have to be extra careful about any ingredients I apply around my eyes, but this one is a winner. Super gentle ingredients like chamomile and aloe vera, to name a few soothers and antioxidants like CoQ10 and rosehip seed oil. SanRe also makes an eye serum I am super eager to try as well!

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I appreciate when you use affiliate links, which help support this blog. Most things I share about here I purchase myself, but I do occasionally receive sample items from vendors to be able to test out new things. However I never share about anything I don’t use myself and totally love!

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