Oiling Your Cutting Boards

Sad to admit, but it was only in recent years that I discovered that you need to oil wood cutting boards. Regular oiling will certainly extend the life of your wooden boards. I try to remember to oil mine once a month, or sooner if they look particularly thirsty!

I use this beautiful Virginia Boys Kitchen board daily, multiple times a day, but it still looks like new because I oil it regularly! We also have Epicurean brand boards that are dishwasher safe but regular dishwashing of them really takes a toll unless you oil them regularly.

  • Start with a clean dry board.
  • Use a clean rag and apply coconut oil to all surfaces. If it is too solid you can warm it slightly.
  • Keep the rag in a bag for regular use.
  • The board will be slippery right after oiling, but it will absorb in over several hours or by the next day.

I used to use special cutting board oils but I ditched them when Virginia Boys Kitchen recommended coconut oil or a combo of coconut oil and beeswax for regular maintenance. I was happy to ditch the mineral oil (petroleum product) ones for something healthier that I already had on hand! Boom.

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