Pulled Chicken-Instant Pot

Ok…so this is so simple it’s not even a recipe…but it is too good not to share.  Just made pulled chicken in the Instant Pot and it was crazy quick and easy. Going to be a new regular for me and is a great addition to my freezer stash.

Instant Pot Pulled Chicken

1 lb boneless skinless chicken thighs
1 cup broth
Season as desired. I used fresh herbs from my garden…1 leaf of thyme, a few sprigs of sage and parsley, but get creative and use what you like and try different combos…oregano and lemon…tarragon…so many options.

  • Place in the Instant Pot (or a pressure cooker).
  • Set to manual for 12 minutes.  (Poultry function would also work, which is 15 minutes of high pressure on the Instant Pot.)
  • Quick release the steam when done.
  • To shred I pulled the chicken out into a deep bowl and used my hand mixer. You just keep moving the mixer around and it shreds quickly and easily. I added a little bit of the juices from the bottom of the Instant Pot for extra moisture.
  • This is great to make ahead and freeze in single servings. I used half pint mason jars, which are freezer safe. Vacuum sealing would be another great freezer option. This makes a great addition to my freezer stash.
  • Save the juices (you know I hate to throw anything out!) and freeze them in a freezer safe size mason jar or in a silicone mold for the next time you need a little broth. The broth it made was really tasty with the meat juices and herbs and I am assuming it would be a good low histamine broth option.

*Shown served with braised collard greens, oven roasted carnival squash and some Crispy Parsnip Peel Curls.

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