Paleo Appetizers


We had a nice gathering for the 4th of July and I made some fun appetizers that were a hit.  These are not only paleo, but they are also AIP friendly, Whole 30 and 21DSD…boom!

Jicama Sticks

Peel jicama and slice into sticks.  Using kitchen shears (these are my favorite ones) cut prosciutto with the paper that separates the slices into long strips.  Wrap the prosciutto over the jicama.  For variations you could try putting a leaf like basil, cilantro or mint under the jicama slice or you could drizzle the jicama with lime before wrapping.

Cucumber Cups

Slice european cucumbers into thick rounds.  Using a melon baller or grapefruit spoon scoop out the flesh in the middle to make a cup.  Fill the cup with your favorite guacamole (my version is just avocado, olive oil, lime and sea salt).  Top each with a shrimp and a small mint leaf.  Make sure your avocado has some citrus to keep it from browning.  These are best made shortly before serving to avoid browning.  If you like cilantro you could substitute it for the mint.

Creamy Cauliflower Leek Soup Shooters

Make a batch of my Creamy Cauliflower Leek Soup.  Serve in small shot or shooter glasses.  Sprinkle each with smoked sea salt.  These can be served room temperature or cold.  I served them in these cute little beaker glass votive holders from 95 cents each the price is right!


A nice assortment of olives is a great simple appetizer.  These are Castelvetrano, Cerignola and some Taggiasca olives. I got these at

2 thoughts on “Paleo Appetizers

  1. This is great! I think it’s always a good idea to branch out when it comes to appetizers, especially now that there are so many people with specific dietary needs or following a Whole30 or 21 day sugar detox program.

    These looks amazing. I pinned them for an upcoming party we are hosting, can’t wait to try them.


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