Lavender Laundry Sachets: DIY

  A while back a friend of mine gave me some cute little tea bag like lavender laundry sachets for the dryer from Trader Joes.  Each was good for about 5-7  dryer loads before the paper bag started to get really worn, and I was down to my last one.  I went online to to see if I could buy some fabric ones, but then…lightbulb… I remembered I had everything I needed to make my own!  I had purchased a 10 pack of these Bouquet Garni bags on amazon…had planned to use them for soups but they have just been knocking around in my pantry.  I also bought food grade lavender a while back, as I was going to experiment with it, so I had that on hand as well.   I dug out my sewing machine… which was coverered in dust…but still works….a holdover from my former crafty days. Here is what I did:

  • Pull out the drawstrings from the bags.
  • Fill each bag with 3 Tablespoons of lavender.
  • Sew them closed…make sure you get the edges closed so the lavender stays put.

Now that was easy!   On Etsy it says they will last a few months each and to store the extras in a sealed jar to maintain freshness.  I tucked them all in one of these blue mason jars I scored at a garage sale last weekend and they are now in my laundry room.  I leave the one I am currently using right in the dryer and give it a little squeeze before I put the clothes in to dry…helps release the lavender scent.

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