Tongs, Spatulas and Thermometers: Kitchen Essentials Series

This is the drawer just to the left of my range.  Proximity makes it easy to grab the right tools when I am cooking.

Do you have that 1 favorite tool that always seems to be in the dishwasher whenver you grab for it?  Buy extras!  Those OXO short tongs are a favorite of mine…I use them for everything so I have 3 pairs!

I also love having a variety of spatulas and the larger ones from the restaurant supply store are favorites of ours.  Using restaurant tools makes one feel chef-y while cooking (is that a word?!)

And of course I couldn’t live without my digital thermometer…that yellow one by Taylor was a workhorse in our kitchen before we upgraded to a Thermapen MK4, but the Taylor is a nice entry level thermometer if you don’t already have one.

Kitchen twine is handy for trussing our rotisserie chickens so they don’t get cowboy legs while cooking!

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