Mint Pear and Caramelized Shallot “Salsa”

Mint Pear and Caramelized Shallot “Salsa”

I haven’t had mahi mahi in a while but I am always trying to work in a few more varieties of wild caught fish. In my mind mahi demands a nice fruit based “salsa” on top, so I got to work trying to figure out what I had on hand to whip up with something yummy. It turned out so well I need to write it down here so I can recreate it soon!
Here is what I did.

For a single serving:
1/2 of a small shallot
Olive oil
1 Red pear, I like red D’Anjou
Fresh mint leaves
Vanilla bean sea salt

I started by chopping 1/2 of a shallot into fine cubes and caramelizing those in olive oil on medium heat in a pan. They need to turn a golden brown.
I took a shallow slice off the side of a red D’anjou pear and I chopped it into very small cubes.
I pulled a small handful of mint leaves off of my plant and then took the leaves off of the stems and fine chopped those.
I poured the shallots with their cooking olive oil into a small bowl and added all of the other ingredients from the cutting board.
I added a little extra olive oil to consistency and then sprinkled in some Alaska Pure Vanilla Bean sea salt which really brought all of the flavors together!

Definitely going to be making this again! It is served here over mahi but I think it would pair well with any fish or meat. Mint is delicious on lamb so no doubt it would be yummy on rack of lamb. Also pictured here is a pile of my riced veggies. You can read all how I prep and store them here. Homemade hummus and a few daikon hamama microgreens and the bowl is complete!

If you make a this recipe and post your meal to instagram, tag me @paleogirl99 as I would love to see your creation!

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