Garden Update


It is hard to express just how much I love having this 8 x 4 foot raised bed garden my husband built for me last fall!  I eat fresh greens from it just about every day, usually for breakfast sautéed with leek greens and shallots…such a great way to start off my day!
The idea for a raised bed garden was inspired after seeing instagram posts by @realfoodlab and @metabolic_mike about their amazing raised beds. I inquired about their construction and told Mike about the space I had…and I am so thankful that he mentioned…and I am quoting “Oh great. You can get some nice greens going with that.” I just LOVE how an idea gets planted! (pun intended)

Greens have been easy to grow and quite proliferative, so I would highly recommend them.  You can pick off the leaves you want to eat and the plant will just keep producing more…so awesome.
Recently 2 great fertilizers were recommended to me by Tiffany of @plantmatterplant of @littlerivercooperative and they are really amping up my “leafy green” production as promised…so remember to fertilize regularly!  I am doing it once a week and here is what I am using.

6 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Hey there! It’s Deanna (@strive_to_thrive). I was thinking about getting a fertilizer for my garden and remembered you had suggested some. Do you alternate these weekly or use both at the same time? What’s your fertilization schedule like? Thanks for the help!


    1. No exact frequency…sort of when I remember, but the farmer I bought them from said they could be used every week or so. My dog decided he liked the fishy smell of them both so I have to monitor the garden for a day after I apply or he will go digging in there! They are amazing fertilizers…both available on amazon. Really amped up my green leafy growth! My garden is just about done for the season…getting too hot here now. Looking forward to planting it all again this fall.


      1. Thank you so much! I am just getting this now. Usually I get an email notification of a reply- I must have forgotten to check the box. Anyway- thanks for the tips. I ordered the Happy Frog one. I’ll probably get the other one too. My greens are looking pretty good, but I know my herbs, tomatoes, cukes and squash plants could use this. And I’m curious to see what it will do for my greens too. Thanks, again!


      2. So welcome. Glad you are enjoying your garden. This was my most successful one ever. Hadn’t done one in a bunch of years. Eager for fall planting since summer is mostly a down season for us due to both excessive heat and rain.

        Margaret Sent from my iPhone



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