Chopped Salad

Chopped salad

I use my Progressive International Veggie mine on me those nice even cubes and makes it so quick and easy that I can make a fresh batch each time, and it is definitely best fresh.

Radish (red, daikon and watermelon radishes)
Olive Oil
Sea salt flakes

  • Cut the cucumber, radishes and jicama into thick slices and then cube them up with the chopper using the green blade.
  • Chop up avocado by hand and toss that in.
  • Generously drizzle on extra virgin olive oil ( I usually use Newman’s Own)
  • Sprinkle it with sea salt flakes…I usually use Maldon sea salt flakes.
  • Sometimes I garnish it with chopped fresh mint…I keep a pot of fresh mint just outside my kitchen door.
  • Toss it before serving.

That’s it!  You can use other veggie combos, but this is my classic mix.



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