Freezer Cooking for the Paleo AIP

Freezer Cooking for the Paleo AIP

You all know I am always raving about my #freezerstash and what a game changer it has been for streamlining my daily and weekly routine. It makes pulling together a delicious and healthy meal quick easy and is a savior when I am short on time or energy.

Well now there is a cookbook all about creating YOUR very own stash of AIP friendly freezer foods. 30 of us in the AIP community collaborated to pull this together so you have all of the resources you need to build your very own freezer stash, full of delicious foods that work for you! There are 123 recipes, all fully tested for freezer storage with reheating instructions that take all of the guesswork out. From breakfasts (yes, AIP breakfast ideas!) to soups and casseroles and desserts and everything in between.

So treat yourself now, download the book and start building your stash today! Having food on hand after a long day at work…returning from a vacation…on days when your energy is low…if you have overslept and need to get out the door in the morning (ummm, yes that did JUST happen to me earlier this week!)…priceless.


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