Measuring Tools and Pinch Bowls:  Kitchen Essentials Series

When we moved in to our newly renovated kitchen I had fun organizing my new drawers…but you don’t need to renovate to take a fresh look at where things go in your kitchen.

Here is a quick peek into where I store things.

Can you have too many stainless measuring cups and spoons? I think not!  It seems like half of these are always in my dishwasher, so it is nice to have extras to use….and of course I always love stainless steel.  I love the set in the front as it has odd sizes like 3/4  and 2/3 cup.  The spoon set with black labels is magnetic, so they can snap stack magnetically.

A good food scale is super handy…and this one is a fun red color…bonus!

I used to have these magnets on my fridge, but they found a new home in this measuring drawer for quick reference when I am cooking.

I also have some glass liquid measuring cups of different sizes…pyrex makes great ones!

I love having a bunch of pinch bowls and ramekins of different sizes.  They are great for mis en place cooking and they are super cute for serving sauces.

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