Clean and Green Beauty: Blowout Styling Products

Back in the fall of 2017 when I was making the switch to cleaner and greener body and haircare products I discovered the line by FlourishBeautyLab and can’t believe I am just getting around to sharing about it! It’s been a busy year! I just LOVE their lavender mint scent! My 2 FAVORITE smells blended together are ON POINT!

I use the silky hydrating mist before I blow dry my hair. It is a great detangler and protects hair from the heat damage of styling. I tend to get flyaways, which is a natural consequence of the Miami heat and humidity, but this makes my hair super smooth and shiny and helps tames those pesky flyaways. You can reapply to dry hair to smooth and restyle for a little re-taming which is super helpful during our hotter summer months!

When I need little extra shine I also layer on their silkening serum before a blow dry, which is another amazing product. It adds even more shine and softness and gives an extra boost to taming the frizzies and flyaways.

I reached out by Instagram direct messenger to Kirsten, the founder, and she explained the 2 products to me like this. “The mist is like a toner you would use on your face, but for your hair. Use all over/refreshes etc. The serum is more like a spot treatment for taming unruliness/getting grays to lay down/extra treatment for the ends.” Love that explanation and since I recently stopped coloring my hair this tip may come in handy soon!

They also offer this amazing scent in shampoo and conditioner which smell equally divine. I work those in to my rotation as I have always found that rotating my haircare between a few products periodically helps each product work better. It’s fun rediscovering each product again after using another for a short while. When I use their shampoo I rub it around in my hands in the shower and inhale it…the smell is THAT good! I even have this scent in their lip balm…smells so good you want to eat it!

Supporting a small business that makes products that work really well, are eco friendly and are made with super clean ingredients that are locally sourced, we are talking wildflowers they grow themselves in Woodstock….what’s not to love about all of that! Here’s yet one more thing to love…use code paleogirl20 and you will save 20% on your purchase. Boom!

3 thoughts on “Clean and Green Beauty: Blowout Styling Products

  1. Thank you for posting this! I was going to ask you about your haircare, I thought you had posted something on Instagram but I forgot. Do I remember correctly that you have curly hair? Is there somewhere you mentioned all the products you use? I will definitely check out this brand! Off to look at your skincare post!


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