Brussels Sprouts: Prepping and Cooking


Having veggies prepped and ready for cooking is a huge time saver when you are leading a “real food” lifestyle.  My husband never used to like Brussels until we started preparing them this way, so before you say Brussels,  yuk…try them!  They might just become your new favorite veggie!

Prepping Brussels

Rinse the brussels.  Pull off any dead outer leaves.  You don’t even need to trim the base unless it is particularly woody.  Remember these grow on stalks, so that part has not touched the ground.

Set up your food processor with the shredding blade.  I use the 1 mm blade on my cuisinart, but I have used my 2mm or 4mm blade and they work too, I just prefer them extra thin for quick cooking.

Start the food processor running and just start dropping them in the chute until they are all shaved.

Transfer to a storage container and keep these in the fridge.  They will last about a week or maybe a tad longer, but we use them up fast.  I like to use these hotel pans and lids since they are stainless, and you all KNOW how much I love them!  I did an entire post on them…so check that out!

Cooking Brussels

Stovetop Method:

Heat some oil in a pan.  I like to use 1 T. of coconut oil ( I use 1 Perfectly Portioned Coconut Cube by the brilliant Hayley of or you can use 1 T. duck fat.  Then drop in the brussels by handfuls.  They shrink so add more than you think you need.  Sauté, tossing occasionally,  until toasty brown on the edges.

Oven Baked Method:

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Pile on the brussels.  Drizzle generously with olive oil or duck fat.  Sprinkle with sea salt.  Roast at 425 until toasty…about 20 minutes or so, but I just keep peeking at them until I see them start to brown.

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